Zenfuse & Orion- Ambitious Plans to Centralize Trading Across Platforms

Updated: Aug 10

Different organizations are trying to solve an inherent problem in the cryptocurrency space. Various different exchanges have different prices, the UI is different and can be misleading or hard to understand, the liquidity can also be suspect and lead to losses. Zenfuse and Orion are two companies aiming to solve these issues, as they both each tell a compelling story and have unique value propositions for utilizing their trading platforms.


Instead of competing with exchanges and swapping pools, we unite their order books into one easy-to-use terminal, giving you access to the entire crypto market in one place.

No account? No problem. Trade across all major exchanges without the need to ever open an account again. Simply connect your wallet and execute your order, without ever giving up your assets.

Founders -

  • Yuriy Kovalev — CEO & Founder. The efforts to design and deliver Zenfuse are led by a seasoned entrepreneur with years of experience directing teams, delivering products, and leading marketing efforts

  • Alex Peresichan — CTO

  • Dima Braven — CPO

  • Mikhail Vorontsov — Designer and 2D Artist

  • Florian Wimmer — Advisor


Orion -

Orion Terminal seamlessly aggregates bottomless liquidity from all major exchanges, centralized + decentralized: providing rich trading tools in one easy to use platform.

With more marketing and a recent test launch of the platform - Orion is another firm trying to solve the various challenges that come with trading cryptocurrencies profitably.

Value Proposition

ROBUST TRADING TOOLS. Embedded within the terminal are intuitive tools that provide you with all of the news, market analysis, and trading signals in real- time to conduct successful trades.

ARBITRAGE OPPORTUNITIES. Orion Terminal always searches for the best prices on the market, allowing you to carry out arbitrage opportunities without the need for accounts on multiple exchanges.

LARGE ORDER FULFILLMENT. Transact large quantities of assets strategically on the terminal without the associated risks, allowing you to preserve token price without the risk of tanking the market.

Additional features to be added to the terminal next year include lending, margin trading, leveraged ETFs, derivatives, contract trading, NFTs, and staking of any digital asset type.

Various aspects of these platforms would put a significant advantage to traders looking to exploit arbitrage opportunities between exchanges. If it was this simple however, this would have been implemented sometime ago. The differing prices between exchanges as well - can be attributed to the risks that each platform consists of. If you are trading on a regulated, highly liquid platform, such as Coinbase Pro - you will pay for this in a slightly higher premium on price than if you are using an exchange with low liquidity and much lower accountability.

Looking at both Zenfuse vs. Orion - Orion evidently has so far showcased the potential to be the industry leader in this market if they are able to execute the features they advertise. The founder of Orion has very relevant experience in the UI design of exchanges and evidently will know the intricacies of what this market will value.

The main risks that either firm has is the ability to profitably make money on these platforms while also giving an advantage to the traders. Another very difficult obstacle is the compliance by varying countries. The United States has significant regulations to who can use this and to what exchanges are connected. Furthermore, Coinbase pro provides a very low charge per trade placed and are going public, which will give them a significant amount of new capital to create a competing product or implement the features Zenfuse & Orion are trying to create.

Financials -

Orion (ORN)

Market Cap $41,946,143

24 Hour Trading Vol $7,200,267

24h Low / 24h High $2.46 / $2.68

Circulating Supply 16,560,000 / 100,000,000

Fully Diluted Valuation $253,297,966

Max Supply 100,000,000

Zenfuse (ZEFU)

24 Hour Trading Vol $635,677

24h Low / 24h High $0.061761 / $0.095137

Circulating Supply - / 200,000,000

Fully Diluted Valuation $12,363,766

Max Supply 200,000,000